Dedomenon is a flexible structured online information storage system.

Dedomenon is open source and released under the terms of GNU Affero General Public License

This website is dedicated to developers and system administrators interested in developing on or deploying Dedomenon.
This website has just launched with content that mich not always be up to date. Work is being done to correct this.


  • Storage of many types including text, integer, email, web addresses and files.
  • Allows linking pieces of information easily.
  • Extensible in accommodating new data types.
  • Plugin based framework for adding new datatypes

Online Demo

Dedomenon is the software powering Myowndb . Head over there to try it.

Upcoming features

  • Simple and intuitive REST API (work in progress)
  • Import and export in multiple formats (work in progress)
  • Standardization of UI on single JavaScript core
  • Develop import export from excel sheet
  • Develop export to PDF
  • Add reporting, or export table in PDF document
  • Add constraints on detail values. For ex for date, only allow dates in
    the future, or in a certain date range.
  • Add the ability to tag a record, with tags being user specific.
  • Add a framework for callbacks: before save, after save, before delete,
    after delete.